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Who We Are
Administrators are Ed, Tim and Jill. Ed is a man of few words but he is around. Lee is our Webmaster. If you have any concerns at all, you can e-mail any one of us at webmaster@foofighters.com or timffpb@gmail.com or foofightersmessageboard@gmail.com. You can also Private Message us on the board.

Watch, Learn and Listen
When you are a Newbie (or "fresh fighter"), spend some time just reading other posts and getting to know the vibe before you post. If you waltz in on your high horse, they will bury you. We've seen it happen. But for the most part, introduce yourself; say hello, and then chill. People here are nice, but don't f*ck with them... they will take your first-born. Just kidding guys (they usually go for the second born).

Newbie Bashing
As much as we discourage "newbie" bashing, it does occur. While a few long term posters feel the need to tell you how messed up you are or try and scare you off, there are many more that will welcome you with open arms

Fresh Fighter, Foo Fighter, Kung-Foo Fighter
Fresh Fighter refers to a Junior Member. Foo Fighters are full Members. Kung Foo Fighter is a poster who obviously had nothing better to do, ever, and managed to make it to 10,000 posts. Why are you a Fresh Fighter? You must post 100 posts to become a full-fledged Foo Fighter. The numbers aren't really what are important; it's ultimately WHAT you post. We can tell when people post just to hit that number...If you post for posting sake to get up to that number we will send you right back behind the freshest of the Fresh Fighters. Don't do it, please. Your post count is just a number. It doesn't make anyone better or worse. A Yeah, we have quite a few Kung Foo Fighters here so feel free to point and laugh at them.

Tickets for sale
If you are trying to sell your tickets, they have to be for the original price from the ticket agency. Scalping is prohibited. Brokers, Ebay, Craigs List mark ups that you might have been stupid enough to pay are NOT ok to pass along to the fans on this board. Messages that just have an e-mail and a "for sale" notice will be deleted. Your asking price needs to be stated and if I get notice that someone is indeed scalping, you will be banned immediately. If you want to make some money, go to Ebay and pay their fee to rip off the masses.

The Bands “Private” Lives
What can you post about? Pretty much nothing.

It's not that everyone doesn't wish the guys well or that we don't care about their happiness. We here at foofighters.com love the band as much as you do. However, we need to learn to respect the fact that they are allowed to have private lives. A recent clarification because of recent events:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dave and I had a discussion a few years back stemming from some over zealous fans that were posting personal stuff related to his wedding. From that point on he wanted nothing about Jordyn on the site. Is it a stretch to believe this extends to any new family members? No, it's not.

In an interview situation, Dave picks and chooses what he wishes to share. Since I can't have him sitting her next to me giving me a thumbs up or thumbs down on all the wacky shit you guy say then this is how it's going to be.

SO...I don't care what is in the media. He and the rest of the guys PAY for this site to be up and operational. He should not have to pay for something were people disrespect his family or make inappropriate comments related to his wife and any children he will have.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Threads that discuss private life type issues will be closed. Should you have any questions about this feel free to PM or e-mail a board administrator.

Pre-sale Passwords
As of 2011, we now allow the sharing of pre-sale passwords on the board, since they're often shared through Twitter, Facebook, etc. Please try to show a little discretion for sharing them with outsiders. The less tickets that end up in the hands of touts/scalpers/etc, the better it is for everyone.

Avatars and Signatures
In an attempt to protect the members here from the dreaded SPAM, we have put a limit on when you can get an avatar, utilize a signature and look at other people's profiles. Honestly, we can't tell you when you receive the privileges, but it appears to be with both time and number of posts. A former Webmaster developed the format so we are unclear on the magic number. Keep checking your User Control Panel to check your options.

“Spoiler” Warnings in the Media section
Saw a great movie the past weekend and feel compelled to spill the twist ending? The season finale of your favorite show has just happened and you HAVE to discuss it? By all means, but please put the word SPOILER in the title line of the thread. This way, unsuspecting people are not going to be reading about something that they might want to be suprised by. This is the age of DVR’s and TIVO people.

Uploads, Links and Songs with those Pesky Copy-rights
What can you upload and/or link to on the board when it comes to the bands music? There are two simple categories:

- Anything officially released commercially in any form by the band cannot be uploaded or linked. This is basically everything they've released; albums, b-sides, soundtracks, DVDs, Blu-Rays and so on. Anything they've put out for people to buy, don't upload it here.

- What can be uploaded is what's left, anything not commercially released in any way by the band. This is generally speaking any live shows not released, bootlegs if you like, and any unreleased studio songs. However any unreleased studio material that is "leaked" may also be removed at our discretion.

So anyone posting album leak threads, offering to PM links, uploading copyrighted material and other such bullshit will result in the banning of the individual at a minimum of one month up to forever and ever.

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