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Cdownhill November 6th 2017 01:26 AM

1st Dance
@foofighters I am writing to you in hope more then anything on behalf of myself and my fiancée. Unfortunately I am totally tone deaf I cant sing a single note to save my life and I would love to get 1000, guitarist, drummers and singers to send you a awesome rendition on YouTube but I am hoping you will reply to my message. We have been together for nearly 8 years now. When we got together my other half would not listen to the Foo Fighters as she was convinced it was just shouting and not music, but after a little bit of persuasion and getting her to actually listen she loves your music almost as much as I do myself. I have seen two epic gigs in Manchester 2008 and Auckland 2009 and we were meant to see the band together for the 1st time in Lyon in 2015 but after the atrocities of Paris the gig was cancelled, we were of course totally gutted but it was absolutely the right thing to do.
We are getting hitched next year on the 27th of May and we are planning to have 'Learn To Fly' as our 1st dance song on the big day. I have searched high and low looking for an acoustic version of the song which we would be able to have for our 1st dance but have been able to locate a version. This is the reason for my message I just wondered if a acoustic version of learn to fly was ever recorded that we would be able to use for our 1st dance on our big day? You and the band are of course invited to the wedding and we would be honoured and amazed if you were able to attend and I know it would make what will already be an amazing day just absolutely out of this world.
I am just finishing this message now watching back and forth after a few too many beers with my future wife snoring at the end of sofa hoping you can appreciate my message. If we don't hear back from the band I'm positive the second biggest night for us next year will be seeing you in Manchester at the home of my football team, my too loves together the Foo Fighters and Manchester City, and not for getting my new wife.

vyzyl November 6th 2017 06:28 AM

Re: 1st Dance
The band members actually don't look at the message board but thats a really great story besides that point. As far as an acoustic version of Learn to Fly I'm pretty sure there isn't an official recording of one the closest you may get is a live version on youtube.

matineeidyll November 6th 2017 08:02 AM

Re: 1st Dance
Hi, congratulations, that's so sweet! Unfortunately the band doesn't go through these messages and personal requests won't be fulfilled, but as for a 'Learn To Fly' acoustic recording, I can't recall them ever doing one in the studio (or at least releasing it in any form) but i'm wondering if this will suit what you're after? It's from a live session and the mix isn't wonderful, but it might be close enough.

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