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DanJ November 13th 2014 11:28 PM

Re: I don't like having to genuflect just to make a compliment...

Originally Posted by Nellis (Post 3966956)
SWAG - the all time WORST slang word , when did this stop meaning "free shit"?

Wait.... What? That's not what it means anymore???
Well till I find out what it means....I better not use that word. I gotta go look up some googlenets dictionary.

Dang I keep up on most of this stuff.

cmatthes November 14th 2014 02:31 AM

Re: I don't like having to genuflect just to make a compliment...
Wow! Grumpy Grandpa, the reason you have to type a specific reference is to show that you aren't a spambot. I am the Admin/Moderator for a guitar-related/gear/musician forum, and this is quite simply a repeatable test to prove that you have some familiarity with the subject matter or general content of any given forum. Pretty much EVERY message board or interest forum uses something like that as a screening mechanism in these modern times.

The Internet isn't THAT difficult to understand, but since the song title was entered, the brain-sucking alien life forms that are behind this site can now read your every thought...


Originally Posted by JoeShiner (Post 3927254)
Maybe I'm just an old fart (64), but I reject the idea that I have demanded of me that I name a favorite song and/or album by the Foo Fighters in order to "join" this forum. All I wanted to do was to express my sincere admiration for the lyrics in the song "The Pretender." Hell, I didn't even know the song's name, and had to go look it up by opening another browser window. Maybe you "young whippersnappers" don't realize it, but it's a very "1984" kind of thing to demand all of this inside info from an interested party just to say "Hi! Nice job!" And maybe I'm an old fart being 64, but, frankly, I grew up with Paulie and his mates setting something of a standard which my friends and I were right up there and ready to meet it, in a heartbeat (yes, I play, and sing, compose, etc.). But Paulie's an old fart as well now. But much more importantly, back to the original point - why (other than for some commercial interest) do you need all of this info just for me to make a point within this forum? I saw a video by the Foos (I also saw the movie about Sound City [they made a killer amp... That's a joke!]), and I just wanted to make a comment! BeeJeeBuss! I just liked the heck out of the lyrics - sophisticated, provocative, intelligent, and even rhyming - the BEST of lyrics, on a par with those of Paul Simon and Sting (which is to say brilliant... Brilliant!). Anyway, I wish I hadn't had to navigate a complexity such as I did, just to pay a simple compliment. I recognize that it wasn't in the hands of the right people, but we artists have to insist upon more power being BY DEFAULT vested in the hands of our TRUSTED representatives if we are to maintain standards! Thank you!

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