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Chris Shiflett February 17th 2005 07:16 PM

wow, that's crazy to see all the "controversy" stirred up on the postboard regarding nora jones singing on the record. trust me, it's really good. you'll see soon enough...

y'know what we do a lot of at the studio? besides eating take-out and reading magazines (and recording!), we play PING-PONG! i'm terrible at it but dave's really good. so is m.t. beebe's pretty good too. taylor has chops but you can get him excited and take him off his game. nate is the stone cold killer on the table. ok, that's not true but he's pretty good. dave rat came by yesterday and schooled everybody.

that's what a day at the studio is usually like - eating, napping, coffee, ping-pong, recording, magazines, and most importantly BAGGING ON OTHER BANDS!!!! no, just kidding, we would never do that...

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