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BigCol February 25th 2018 04:51 PM

Mobile query
Hi team. Whenever I re visit the site on my mobile it has always logged me out and reverted to the concert and gold theme. I have to re log in and set the theme to mobile every time.

How can I stop it doing this? Thanks

Jill February 28th 2018 08:42 PM

Re: Mobile query
Do you set the theme as it in your user Control Panel?

Simon February 28th 2018 08:47 PM

Re: Mobile query
Seems like a cookie issue, do you get this with any other site?

BigCol March 1st 2018 10:01 AM

Re: Mobile query
Yes I set it as the theme but have to every time? I donít get this with any other site but then I donít look at anything else similar!

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