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unruhjonny March 14th 2019 06:53 PM

Hello, and how long have you been collecting?

I don't know if I ever posted here, as a matter of fact I cannot recall exactly when it was that I signed up...

Anywho, I have been a fan ever since I first got word that Dave started doing his own thing in 1995.
I didn't have a whole lot of cash at the time, so I skipped vinyl (I was pretty much collecting cd format music at the time), and made due with the one album, and as many different singles as I could find...

Sheesh, when I stop to think of it, that was a good long time ago.

I have probably all of the 1995-2000 tv performances that I recorded onto vhs tapes that are currently squirreled away...

Two of the coolest "Foos" moments for me were:
1) while attending college in '99 I noticed one tv performance where Chris performed with the group; I sent an email to them (I think there was a fan email at the time);
I believe it was Nate who replied to me to tell me Chris's name, and that he just joined the band.
Unfortunately that email disappeared along with my college email account nearly twenty years ago.

2) when I was finally able to see them in person - in Edmonton Alberta as one of the artists playing the "Somersault"(sp?) tour in '00.

This might be blashphemy, but I didn't care for 'In Your Honor', or the new album...
And by the sounds of it, I might be one of few who bought Probot.
(I seem to recall hearing that Dave still has stacks of unsold copies.)

I have an almost retarded selection of cd singles from the first four albums, and the one which was probably the most expensive at the time was either my Japanese pressings of 'Breakout' or 'Times Like These' - I believe that they cost me a good $50 at the local HMV...

I have noticed that items are most often the most expensive when they first come out, and after the dust settles and the excitement goes away, the "rare" stuff often gets more reasonably priced.

That being said, a number of years ago I was finally able to add a copy of the 12" promo of 'Exhausted' to my collection, and to date, it is only one of two Foo's pressings I have on vinyl - the other being a clear 7" of 'The Pretender'.

I would like to maybe one day get a copy of the 2015 RSD 'Laundry room' 10", but for now it's a bit too pricey for this guy.

I also have seen FF every time in person when they have come to my "state" (except one time where I goofed up on the date, and missed the concert; I still have the unused ticket), but did not see them last year.
It seems to me ticket pricing, and clamor for seats is getting out of hand... good for the guys, just not so great for long time fans like myself.

Anyway, "Hi from Calgary, Alberta!"

EDIT: huh, it looks like I signed up in 2003, made and made two other posts, but it appears as though I lack privileges to see my own profile (outside of usercp) to see what or where I posted.

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