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motesoul January 7th 2019 07:50 AM

Hello, this is my first post on the forums. I am a big foo fighters fan but I recently learned that they monetarily supported an AIDS denial group back in the day and the presenter said that the band had not condemned these previous actions since.

Does anyone have any additional information on this? The foo fighters performed a benefit concert for an organization that tells people to stop taking their medication back in 2000. I would feel a lot more comfortable supporting the band if I knew they had learned their lesson

matineeidyll January 7th 2019 11:40 AM

Re: HIV/AIDS Denial
Reddit in particular seems obsessed with bringing this up lately without mentioning the fact that the band withdrew their support. Shortly after, Nate (the primarily member driving this participation) said that he was "extremely inarticulate and ill-informed" and the band now directs its efforts to highly reputable HIV/AIDS organizations focusing on person-centred care, support, and prevention. They made an error in judgement and corrected their course.

motesoul January 7th 2019 09:50 PM

Re: HIV/AIDS Denial
Thank you!!!

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