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FooZealand January 30th 2019 08:01 AM

So Dave - Really... Is This Right?
OK... So I look at a lot of stuff on eBay... and this item itself is pretty cool.

It's a nice looking job framing the item, the description is clear that the gun does not function AND has been refinished (ie re-coppered in this case).
I'd never buy it - it's waaay overpriced, but I like to check what's going on and it's in no way any kind of fake - it says what it is just fine - no issue.

I even know the seller (donnyz30) - he messed me over on something before - though I suspect it was possibly not actually his fault (item itself was not real), then later came on the board re a poster I bought for Sonic Highways and said it was faked and he knew as he's an expert on signatures. After I said hey I've been looking at them since the beginning and I gathered all information I could get (rather a lot) and decided it was real... he went off saying OK I wont help then. I wasn't fussed one way or the other - I stand by my ability, and I do sometimes find proof I'm wrong - it happens (though not on that one, so far anyway). When it does I want to learn why for sure - and I think I always share anything important for others too so it doesn't happen to them.

Anyway, not actually posting about direct past with him, nor about this actual item.

But IN this item, he posts images and details of how he got it signed. Cool and good stuff for sure - IF you were to buy it you can most definitely KNOW it is in fact truly real.

And I definitely have no issue with capitalism and making money. But when I looked at the images I felt like OK seems a bit over the top? (Look at them for yourself as a first step).

The pic re the video clearly says:
Published on Jul 20, 2018
Legendary Foo Fighter David Grohl takes care of us as always on GTV Reality. We are proud to deliver 100% authentic Dave Grohl autographs to fans worldwide for over 20+ years and Dave is always happy to support the cause!

OK I thought - maybe that's a charity - that would make total sense.

So I find the channel account:

1) "Experience the life of the world's #1 autograph seeker Giovanni Arnold directly through his point of view. Live from New York City."
2) #StayBlack in the image doesn't quite match the Italian name?
3) Nothing at all supports it being any kind of charity.
4) I then found/watched the video itself.

This was where I really got rather WTF over it all. Dude's been to one gig. Dave's hounded like a pack of starving dogs fighting over a meaty bone. He knows this pack leader - and gives him several "literal thousand pounds" of flesh... tries to escape, then is set apon as the lesser members of the pack all close in as well...

SO (and these are just my thoughts)...
5) Dude did nothing wrong. Fair call he got what he was after.
6) If (lol) that's the world's #1 autograph seeker, the world is 1000 times more fucked than I ever thought.

Mostly (above stuff is all background info):
7) Is Dave right to support this shit? A small amount of time for sure - it's literally shown in the vid. But when he can abhor scalpers so critically, I have real issues in this as for me personally anyway it's kinda coming close to the same thing. Or am I wrong? On one plane I want to say he's giving a smart dude a living with enough shit to make him money that might set him up for six months (or whatever). On another he's totally defacing all carefully slowly signed items done with meaning in a certain situation (like say all the gig drum heads... and many other instances).

8) Here is absolute proof (and IMHO warning) to ALL collectors of how fast REAL "signatures" can be signed. It might be real, but would you ever be happy with this in your collection? Is this kind of signature with this provenance even really a collectible at all? Never mind that it's almost guaranteed to be the shit sold at an absolute premium, which could influence how people see real signatures as truly looking.

9) IMHO proof here too that a $million spent on one of the many authentication sites is not worth a cold shit for their piece of gilded paper. Do your research and ask questions / seek photos etc that gain at least reasonable proof. I could sign some of those sigs with my toes and they'd be certified real - which is also something on Dave here that rather pissed me off to see.

10) Ever want to buy a signed guitar now? Sale price + one signed board = x5 sale price on eBay... fuck that shit and it's not like Dave doesn't know, it's right there in front of him. Those were what really made me go dude SERIOUSLY?

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