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FooZealand April 17th 2015 05:44 AM

eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back
Jan 2015 I posted on the board how fucking super stoked I was to win poster 360 of the LA Event. 360... In The Round - yeah you get the link. Was an average price at the time $149.99 but the number was just too cool.

So I get a message around a day after that... Really sorry I have sent it to someone else! They got 360 instead of 359. Would you like 359 instead? I don't have that listing number still, but I did find it and they DID sell 359. So I went well fuck, of ALL the luck. Man I was so disappointed.

Hey um 360 relisted... they want $360 for it! But they sent it to someone else instead of the 359 they'd sold them... yeah right.

Oh wait it's even better...
359 has been relisted too - they want $199.99 for it.

So whoever won 159 was told god knows what, but the seller didn't send out that one either so they could cover my sale in case I decided to take the replacement (swap) offer. Now a safe three months have passed they have relisted them both at exorbitantly higher prices. Ultra fucking sleazy.

So I've bought the new relisting and sent a friendly message that I'd like an invoice a 149.99 as originally purchased or I'd be happy to discuss with eBay regarding how I was lied to about it being sent to someone else.

Worst part is they quite quickly saw my post here, so they could even be a board member. Anyway "carmexlips" in LA - a wholehearted Fuck You too, you've been super fucking caught out, and you can pay the selling fees on $360. If you apologize and admit what you did I will leave it there, otherwise lets have a dance with eBay and I will be denying every attempt to void the transaction and make sure your nice perfect clean feedback record will reflect the fact that if you fuck with people there can be consequences.

Simon April 17th 2015 11:18 AM

Re: eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back
If it didn't cost you money sometimes you would laugh at how stupid people can be.

Bexster April 17th 2015 11:37 AM

Re: eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back
How thick. Hope it works out for you without having to go through ebay channels.

FooZealand April 29th 2015 01:42 AM

Re: eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back
So I got this cute reply... yeah almost THREE MONTHS after you sent it the first buyer returns it. Some crazy fucking level of belief in your own bullshit there. Finished with a nice oh yeah thanks very fucking much for TELLING me what I needed to know to stop the sale so I can rip you off.

It was returned by the seller about two weeks ago. I recall offering you a alternate and you declined. I do thank you for pointing out that #360 was one of the most desirable numbers et al.

YOU (what I first sent):
Invoice for $149.99 with free shipping as originally sold to me please:

Or you can take it up with eBay as to why you lied to me that you sent it to someone else

Then immediately s/he cancels the sale and blocks me. So somewhere in there eBay has recently started allowing sellers to just cancel sales without any buyer interaction. This was new on me. It meant I couldn't contact the seller (that was fine I knew that would happen), but that I also couldn't escalate a case as there was no sale. All eBay wanted me to do was say yes I got a refund or no I never paid for it.

eBay screw the buyer once again on feedback - yes you can leave positive but the negative option is blocked because there had been no payment... only available 7 days after payment.

It was actually almost exactly like it has all be done before... now who c/would be surprised about that.

Fucker thinks he's so smart... uh huh lets see then...

Hunt in options and find page to manually mark the item as payment sent manually. Item now moved to paid and no longer sitting as a cancelled sale with the shitty eBay options to say its all fine. Wait to see what the idiot does as I know they are now going to get please ship the item message...

Sure enough, next day... eBay wants to inform you that the seller has cancelled your order...

Thank you c...lips... I can now leave feedback. Enjoy you fucktard - perfect record fucked just like you fucked me:

Simon April 29th 2015 12:40 PM

Re: eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back
Funny part of that excuse is the original auction said no returns. So why did they supposedly accept one months after sale?

FooZealand April 30th 2015 05:17 AM

Re: eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back

Originally Posted by Simon (Post 4044399)
Funny part of that excuse is the original auction said no returns. So why did they supposedly accept one months after sale?

I love when you add something after a bunch of thought has gone into it that I never even saw... I mean obviously it's was a lie, but yes it was returned - Oh and add to that 359 that they SHOULD have got was not swapped back now - and they still had it, as they relisted that one too.

Ah well, I got no offer to put things right either way but I wasn't just going to let it go. Lesson to all I guess - If you win something because you are smart, don't relay it to the seller. In the end I want that smart after all :lol:

FooZealand May 3rd 2015 05:52 AM

Re: eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back
Reply by carmexlips (Apr-30-15 10:12):
...this feedback would be relevant IF the buyer had actually paid OR COULD SPELL

Interesting isn't it that it's so true: once the lies start they just have to continue. Now I never paid - well I guess not for the last item but they sure know it wasn't about that.

And not spelling - eBay feedback limit is 80 characters

Says Snt My No'd Item To Anthr Buyer Then Relists At WAY Higher Price 3 Mths L8r = 80 Characters with spaces

Says Sent My Numbered Item To Another Buyer Then Relists At WAY Higher Price 3 Months Later = 91 Characters with spaces

Yes that makes me pretty stupid. Never mind 99.9% of people will see what I did and know it's exactly what they see people do on Twitter every day.

Anyway there you have it people- just a little lesson as to how you can never trust a book by its cover online. Even what looks like a good eBay seller based on feedback can actually be someone happy to lie to and cheat other people in the name of money.

In the end:
* I didn't get my item
* I didn't pay anything
* They didn't get a really happy buyer and a kick out of being told they had made someone's day by selling them something special.
* Instead they chose to use it against the person - to take what was a good feeling situation and turn it into something actually bad
* And they were stupid and were found out, and it totally backfired and ruined a perfect feedback record.

Item hasn't sold, now lowered to $299.99

So if it did sell today, would it all have been worth it for $150 more less fees?
Anyway done - point made - move on.

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