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Sheltrens August 8th 2015 12:48 AM

I was shopping at junk type sale today in a tiny town (we're talking in the 100's population wise) in Iowa. I came across a REMO Drumhead with a foo fighters sticker on it with autographs for $2.50. I thought it was some type of a mass produced item until I picked it up and looked at it. It appears to me to be authentic. Can anyone tell me if this is rare or a novelty item? Thanks in advance for my ignorance on the subject. I am a fan of the foos btw. ��

mingo05 August 8th 2015 02:02 AM

Re: Question
Where in Iowa?

peco_foo1 August 8th 2015 07:24 AM

Re: Question
U got a pic ?

Sheltrens August 8th 2015 05:03 PM

Re: Question
I'm near Okoboji. I do have a picture. I'm not certain how to post it? I've never used a forum format before. I cop to being an idiot. Tell me how and I'll post the picture.

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