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chekoBERO May 20th 2018 12:24 PM

Radio Edit versions
Nowadays, edit versions are rarer like promotional CD(r).
I've listed all edit versions below. Some doubts remain for Rope and Run; Discogers (mainly Suguru) help needed !

Learn to Fly 3:58 (LP) / 3:52 Alternate Mix
Next Year 4:37 (LP) / 3:21 Remix
All My Life 4:22 (LP) / 4:13 and 4:01 Edit versions
Times Like These 4:26 (LP) / 3:53 and 3:39 Radio Edit (= 3:40 Top 40 Edit, US)
Low 4:28 (LP) / 3:48 and 3:21 Radio Edit
Have It All 4:58 (LP) / 3:56 Radio Edit
Resolve 4:38 (LP) / 4:01 Radio Edit
Rope 4:19 (LP) / 4:06 Edit ???
Something from Nothing 4:48 (LP) / 4:31 Radio Edit
Outside 5:14 (LP) / 4:57 Radio Edit
Run 5:23 (LP) / Radio Edit on japan CDr ???

wicked_gravity May 20th 2018 09:36 PM

Re: Radio Edit versions
That definitely seems too few. As I see an Alternate mix or two in your list, then I know we can include:

Podunk / Cement Mix

... which, by the way, I am not completely sure it's a different mix at all. I think I asked a couple times but not sure I ever got a definitive answer.

Anyway, there must be more, I would have to assume you're aware of Simon's site, that is typically a better resource than you'd find here for this info. I don't have the link handy but if you don't have it, I am sure someone will link it.

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