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1. The Pretender: Brilliant, one of the best Foo songs of the last few years. Excellent dynamic and the harmonies are ace.

2. Let It Die: Didn't think I'd like this one but I really do... apart from that ridiculous screeching at the end. That's gonna lead to some cancelled gigs due to strained vocal chords again.

3. Erase/Replace: Boring, repetitive. That ending is very, very annoying.

4. Long Road To Ruin: First listen, I didn't like it but on 2nd and 3rd listens it sounds quite like a Gin Blossoms/Lemonheads type affair which makes it slightly better. I think I nothing this... I don't love it but I don't hate it instantly. During the solo bit it reminds me of Cold Day In The Sun... I get the distinct impression this was a Chris-heavy song. It sounds quite JU.

5. Come Alive: So so wussy. Bugs me in the same way that February Stars does - it sounds like it's missing something, like it's building up to a MASSIVE crescendo that never ever comes. Also repetitive. Feels a very safe song, they could've done so much more with this and made it edgier.

6. Stranger Things Have Happened: Definately belongs on the acoustic disk from In Your Honor... it sounds exactly the fecking same as half of that album. I don't understand why a supposed "rock band" is trying so hard to be mellow, safe and quiet. Put the fucking acoustics down, leave that shit in 2006 and turn your goddamn amps back up. PLEASE!!
Although, that said I really like the solo... it's an alright acoustic song.

7. Cheer Up Boys (Your Make Up Is Running): FINALLY!! A REAL Foo Fighters song!! Catchy hook, nice melody, singalong quality without being overly cheesey and a definate crowd favourite in the making. This is definately taken straight from the Foo Hit 101 textbook of 2001. Thank god for that!

8. Summer's End: I detect another slight flashback to Cold Day In The Sun with the country feel it has to it. Nice vocal harmonies, I could see it being done by Dave and Taylor live - this sounds quite a Taylor song to me, I can hear the Coattail Riders doing it for some reason. This song makes me head nod - more listens makes me like it more and more.

9. Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners: Garbage. Sorry. Lovely sentiment but such a wet, pointless song but I bet everyone fawns over it because it's "pretty". Same rubbish formula as Razor and Skin And Bones, same bland result. Yawn, next please.

10. Statues: URGH! The intro is horrid, the vocals sound very very strained at times - Dave seems to be forcing himself to sing in a way that he's not accustomed too and it doesn't sound comfortable at all. Sounds kinda Beatles/John Lennon-ish. The "we're just ordinary people" line makes me think of John bloody Legend and then I want to be sick.

11. But, Honestly: This started and for all I knew I could've been listening to a Seafood song. I sort of like the song but it's too thin sounding, if they do this live I would hope that it gets fattened up considerably. It only starts to get interesting when the second guitar (Chris' I imagine) comes in and then it starts sounding more like a Foo Fighters song. Then it kicks in and BAM, that's a Foo song for you... the lead part sounds kinda like a Jackson United song... erm... lemme think... BLINDERS! That's it.

12. Home: Wonderful lyrical content but done in such a drab and bland way. Foo Fighters shouldn't do soppy piano ballads. This is pretty much just Burn Away with a piano. Too long, drawn-out and Dave's struggling to hit those notes again. Thoroughly uninspiring.

13. Once & For All: Start reminded me of a Gin Blossoms song again!! Quite... generic. Should've been replaced by Bangin'.

Overall, I dunno. Probably better than both In Your Honor and One By One but that wouldn't exactly be different. It just doesn't sound like a real Foo Fighters album, it's way too laid back.

Maybe a 5.5 out of 10?

UPDATE: After another listen this morning, Come Alive and Stranger Things Have Happened now sound a little better.

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