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Of all the things that are very expensive that you might not have, it's the one thing that is really worth that sort of price. Air it out when it is warm (to remove any moisture possibly inside) - even wait until it is summer to do it - then zip lock it in an airtight bag. Bubble wrap and store somewhere cool and dark. Play test it first if you have the ability but a visual sign that the tape looks nice and wound all the way to one end with nothing that looks like mold from being wet etc is probably just as good - find a way to rewind it though if it is part played. These tapes have generally lasted surprisingly well from everything I have seen.

Seems excessive. What's the point in owning it if your gonna store it away in an air tight light tight box?
Mine sits on the shelf in my study/music room. I played it when I first got it but no longer have a cassette player on hand...It's still in Excellent condition.j

Then again, I was lucky enough to get mine pretty damn cheap so.
I feel awful, let's do it again!
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