Wink Re: Have you ever met the Foo Fighters (or one of them) face to face?

Yeah, I met Dave way back in 1998 in Brisbane, Australia before & after show. I got autographs and a few photos. I never saw the other guys that time around.

Just last year when they finally came to Adelaide, Australia after petitioning for the show, I met Dave again along with Nate, Chris & Taylor.
I introduced myself to Dave By saying

"Hey Dave, how you doing? We actually met back in '98 in Brisbane, How have you been?".

"Hey yeah, what was your name again?"


"That's right, how are ya doing"

It was nice to have that connection. I know full well that Dave was taking the piss and I would not think for 1 second he remembered.

He signed all my albums along with a couple of old tour programmes (you don't get them very often anymore, pity).
Got a few great photos to with Dave.

After the show back at their hotel, I met Chris, Nate & Taylor individually, thanked all of them so much for coming to Adelaide in the end and wished them a safe trip on rest of tour. They all signed my albums for me and I got photos with Chris & Taylor. Great stuff.

While talking to Dave earlier in the day, he mentioned the band would be back later in year or maybe early 2007 to play accoustic styling live.
Should be Fantastic.
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