Unhappy Re: Melbourne 1st Show - Lets start with All My Life!

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He probably knew who he talked to or recognized them from multiple gigs and the people that jump on stage are idiots. Nothing is stopping you from jumping.

What makes you assume that people aren't as big of a fan as you? I know you said you aren't a stalker but you have a, "he's mine!" attitude. We all love the guys.

Relax and just enjoy the show! Also, what the hell is a bogan?
You're funny Jill. And I'd love to know what your beef is with me.!? But anyway, the guy who Dave ended up talking to was def someone there for a pissup more than anything else, and not someone who Dave recognised. The post by atay above will confirm that, just in case you don't want to believe me.

And if I jumped on stage you would've found a reason for calling me a stalker anyway, so I guess I can't win.
You should try reading my posts fully before replying. You migh find That I didn't say half the things you think I did.

And I did enjoy the show, I'm sure I said that too.
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