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Apart from Wasting Light my vinyl collection is singles:

I'll Stick Around - red x 2
I'll Stick Around - 12"
This Is A Call - 12" luminous
This Is A Call - 7"
For All The Cows - blue x 2
Big Me - white
Monkey Wrench
Monkey Wrench - jukebox
My Hero - red
Walking After You - coming
Next Year
All My Life
Times Like These
Have It All - coming
Best of You
DOA - yellow
Pretender - clear
Long Road to Ruin
Rope - 12"
Phighting Phooey at Reading

Only really missing Exhausted 12", Everlong and Learn To Fly now...

Enough for most of my friends and family to think I'm a crazed groupie!!
All vinyl re-issues + Skin & Bones, E,S,P&G
2nd copy of This Is A Call luminous 12"
2x copies of Learn to Fly
Exhausted 12" now on its way!

Only Everlong to go and I'm happy to remain patient - its gone for as low as $30 and as high as $80 in the last few months - crazy prices...

Time to also offload some of the double ups to get the credit card balance back down!!
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