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Hey all, I've been a Foo Fan for about 14 of my 23 years now, but JUST moved to L.A. 2 weeks ago. Me and my girlfriend REALLY want to check out Chevy Metal tonight....just wondering if anyone had any insight as to how early to show up for tix? I called and they're onsale at 8, and the capacity is 200. So I've done THAT much reasearch, but still wondering if anyone with some Chevy Metal experience could help...thanks!!!
This is not a typical Chevy show. There usually isn't a line or wristbands or anything like tonight's show. They are usually really fun, but low key with a reasonably small attendance. The Foos advertised it on FB, so everyone and their granny will be there. I have no idea what to expect outside of a sold out show.
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