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Was just on Youtube, and saw that foofightershd had just uploaded these:
Dave Grohl - Unknown Song #1 (Instrumental - 1992)

Dave Grohl - Unknown Song #2 (Instrumental - 1992)

Sounds pretty cool, according to the description Dave is playing drums and guitar
This whole "Allister Lob" session surfaced, as Simon said, around the time IYH came out, and included the following:

Colonal Sanders outtakes (clips of KFC's Colonal Sanders trying to stutter and stammer his way through a commercial)
Make a Bet/Win or Lose (early version with no bridge)
Unknown Instrumental #1
How I Miss You (This is the exact track that was released as the b-side of the I'll Stick Around single, which is how we know this whole session is indeed authentic)
Unknown Instrumental #2

The Allister Lob lineup was as follows:

Dave -- Guitar, drums
Lisa Grohl -- bass
Mikey Dees -- guitar

All of the songs that surfaced were instrumental only. The date of the session is around 1992 and it was recorded at the Laundry Room by Barrett Jones. It's unknown if vocals were ever recorded for the full session, but obviously the vocals were recorded for How I Miss You at some point before it was released.

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