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Hi all,

I'm a big fan of the band That Dog, who toured with the Foo Fighters in spring 1996. I was wondering if anybody out there happened to have any That Dog shows from that tour in their collection? I have a poor quality recording of both That Dog's and The Amps' sets from April 9, 1996 (but not the Foo Fighters' set). Perhaps there are more, better sound quality recordings from this tour of either of those openers?

I'd also really love to hear a good quality live recording of Petra Haden singing "Floaty" on that tour. I've seen a couple of clips on Youtube, with one clip having OK sound quality and the other being pretty terrible. Are there any soundboard shows from that tour with Petra singing the song? Or at least good quality audience recordings?

I'd be happy to share anything from my own collection--I don't really have anything in the way of Foo Fighters stuff, but I have a lot of other bands. Anybody who can help out, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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