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The reason they wouldn't have been able to get wembley next year has probably been stated in other threads several times now.

gigs of that size = lots of planning, including getting permission from local authorities.
wembley can only hold a certain amount of events each year, most of them being sport of some description (mainly football).

due to this bands/artists probably have signed up at least 12-18 months in advance to hold events there.

they will return to wembley at some point I'm sure but due to them wanting to rearrange quickly, they opted for a venue that was available in a few months rather than waiting a couple of years for the same venue.

sure its not the best venue but at least its a gig this year, something none of us really expected. and at least you can "ping the money straight back" to go to the gig, others who could have made the original dates now can't make these dates and have to wait for another time.
And by the way it's an awesome venue! Least if we have an Indian summer again.

Queens of the stone age supporting??? . .
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