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I live in Towcester which is about 13 miles from the MK bowl. There are a few hotel / pubs with rooms which may be available.

I would try these (in the order of best to worst):

Saracens Head
The Monk and Tipster
The Brave Old Oak
The Peacock

Google them for phone numbers. If there is something on at the Silverstone Circuit the same weekend they may be busy. As always do your research on what they are like. The Saracens is part of the Old English Inn chain (and therefore should be OK), the others are rooms above pubs. There are a few independent high end B&Bs in the town. Again search for them online.

As for transport, you can get a bus to Central MK on Saturday daytime for about a fiver but not one back. There are no buses to MK on Sunday. As for Taxi's I would book in advance and expect to pay 25ish to MK station in the day time and maybe a few quid more coming back.

If anyone is considering a taxi, they were just a f*cking nightmare last time. I advise booking in advance and walking to a meeting point in the City Centre / Station area.

There will be others on here with better knowledge of MK (although I do go there everyday for work) but I'm happy to help in anyway I can.

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