Exclamation 2017 Christmas Merch

Just discussed in another thread that it was sad as it looked like there was going to be nothing special for Christmas this year.... and bang it's here!

Everything is in the accessories page on both stores (just went up today):



No sweaters but there are four special 2017 equals logo'd baubles (for April and Poppy lol) and four special beer can glasses. Both sets of four are also available as a collection at a slightly reduced price.

There's also a brand new white Foo Fighters decal - not sure it it's meant to be specifically Christmas themed - it is white though and has gone up new with the other items today. Sadly though this one is only on the US site.

The killer item though is a special limited edition 2017 snow globe. It's limited to ONE per customer, no statement of a number made but I'm guessing you'd want to get in and get your "one" ASAP.


Sadly doesn't appear to be any special deal blurb on the UK site (though I could be wrong I havent tried to load a cart) but on the main page on the US site is a somewhat cryptic set of free holiday giveaway statements:

1) Foo Fighters Wrapping Paper with orders over $50.00
2) Decal & Flash Tattoos with orders over $75.00
3) Foo Fighters License Plate with orders over $100.00
4) FREE SHIPPING with orders over $100.00

So like me you might look and wonder why you get a $5 License Plate for spending $100.00 when you might rather have the Wrapping Paper or Decal & Flash Tattoos that you get if you spend less. It doesn't seem fair...


A) If you buy the 4 set of baubles plus the 4 set of glasses plus the globe, the total is $109.97 and...
B) When you go to your cart all kinds of magic automatically happens and license plate, tattoo set, white decal and wrapping paper ALL get added to the cart and their cost changed to $0.00. Then shipping at Check Out is also FREE.

I'm guessing if you spend over $75 you'd get 1 AND 2 in the same way.

H6! H0! H6! (Santa at 8721 Darby Avenue!)

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