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2016 Email exchange on the fact that Tim was "doing his thing" (my words lol) massaging a bunch of stuff for the first ever and only 1995 video shoot: "I'll Stick Around".

2016 misc notations by Tim on emailed images sent to me... (you can apply these easily enough).
* Gerry Casale (Devo) directing "I'll Stick Around" video shoot
* David exhausted during filming of "I'll Stick Around" video

Subject:Re: Foo Stuff
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 22:27:45 -0500
From: Tim
To: Mike

[Yeah, it's all coming back to me now...

It was the hottest summer day stuck inside a warehouse with no air conditioning...ouch

Gerry was amazing! He was wearing a three-piece black suit through the whole thing and never broke a bead of sweat!?!?!

While he and I were together in the lunchroom afterward, I asked him about it and he simply said "it's mind over matter".

Another interesting fact about the shoot was that Willy had left all of his cymbal stands at a gig in Portland the night before...

(INSERTED NOTE BY MIKE: Based on all known info to hand (and the insane amount of stuff that happened from April to July 1995 as confirmed by Tim, that "Portland" ref looks to place it as the day after here):
(Thanks Simon!: La Luna 13th May 1995 Portland, OR, United States )

To save the day (and the shoot), and being a drummer myself, I raced home and got my cymbals, Tama HiHat and cymbal stands so the shoot could move forward.

I still have the Foo Brite™ "toothpaste" backup from the prop guy.]

Various shit from Me... mostly out of my head as you can imagine...

Thu, 1 Dec 2016 02:50:17 -0500
[I'll see if I can dig up the tube of Foo-Brite. It's just a prop --- in actuality, it's a tube of Crest with a cheap paper wrapper around it!]

Me/Tim (various 2016 emails truncated "Re Foobrite"):
Me (Re one tube pic sent by email): Is that from your work in progress file - pens, scissors etc with tube?
Tim: That was actually the prop table for the video shoot.

Me:How did you get the decals etc looking so real even there? You said it was a tube of Crest - you sure can't tell.
Tim: The "Foo Brite" artwork was a color photocopy on bond paper (nothing fancy) and attached to a Crest tube. You can see the wrinkled paper edge towards the bottom of the tube.

Me: What's the paperwork under the tube with stuff crossed out?
Tim: The "paperwork" is the shooting script for the crew to follow so the shoot would move along as quickly and smoothly as possible.

2018: Still part of Parcel 3 - One of only two original 1995 made print sets of all 25 images taken at that first video shoot. I DO NOT own the negatives.

Images have been taken by camera deliberately, cropped, resized and watermarked for pretty obvious reasons so that everyone involved can be comfortable they are "out there" (like "The Truth" lol).

Rear of photo and final "Foo Brite" images in full, to show they are photos, and to show "non-people" images completely.

Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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