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NOT the first T-Shirt story... (Continued some more...)

The "ACTUAL" first t-shirt (of 24) is now already documented here in this thread.

So what about that better known "NOT First T-Shirt?"

I proudly told Tim I had the first T-Shirt....

TIM: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 02:50:17 -0500
Hahaha that Mike Watt tour shirt is one of mine!
I even made up the "The not too terribly hard..." tagline on the back...
Might even have that original artwork somewhere??
Great to see it in your collection! I haven't seen that one in a while.

TIM: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 02:56:38 -0500
Tidbit: Incidentally, that Watt Tour shirt isn't the first ever Foo Fighter T-shirt...
I did a design that David printed only a few of but for some reason, didn't take them out of the van to give away on the night of the Velvet Elvis show here in Seattle.

Sure enough he found that artwork a while later... (I DO NOT own this but we agree it should be shared).

At the time I really struggled with this as I didn't yet know about the Velvet Elvis 24 t-shirt properly.

As with "Cows" it's black and white so it can be faxed through to management for approval. It's SO early in the process even Tim wasn't 100% sure at the time if it was 28 or 29 days!

And the Roswell logo on the sleeves idea didn't fly - Tim can confirm, but there were a bunch of push backs around cost and "flamboyance" based on a mix of nobody knowing how the music was going to sell (vs expenditure), and protecting famous entities from a "flop" vs making it huge and massively successful.
Ultimate sole art managers nightmare right there!

ME: (Being my usual level of stupid "funny"):
So was it 29 or 28 days? Or was it: "The Not Too Terribly Hard Twenty Eight Or Twenty Nine Shows in Forty Two Days (Depending On Who You Spoke To, And How Much You Drank) North American Tour with Watt"

TIM: HA! as you can see on the fax, I wasn't quite sure either!

Sorry that it's VERY HEAVILY watermarked, but I'm sure anyone that really cares about just "seeing it" will fully understand.

Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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