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Its nice to see more and more people joining in on this part of the board! A big thank you to all who keeps the collectors community alive and kicking!

And welcome to all new collectors!

Will post my collection in a few days but compared to FooZealands amazing collection its pretty small

btw its in my signature if you want to see it Will need to update it soon
yeah! I'm loving it too! it's so great to feel part of something, because when you start piling up records in the middle of people who don't understand it you start to feel a little crazy, misfit, outcast or whatever. =P

although I've been quiet lately, I'm always lurking here. I just don't have much to say most of the time lately as I'm on a self imposed hiatus, I almost went bankrupt with the collection and other things, so it's not like I have a choice...

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Trust me even if you only have ten items - start straight away. It is much easier to keep current than make yourself start one later when you accidentally buy something you thought you needed but found you had already bought, and yes I did that more than once before deciding it had to be done lol.
exactly, it's a lot easier to take a few minutes to document your 20-something collection and then just keep updating whenever you get something new, until you're at the hundreds or thousands.
if you decide to do it just then, it will be and insane amount of work.

well, about the thread title, I don't have much to add, I'm just getting started and the only vinyl I have is the LTF 7". will also have the special RSD Medium Rare vinyl a friend is holding to me until I get out of the money-related hole =P

I also don't have a turntable yet, so I'm not rushing too much on vinyls, it's bad to get a brand new item to your collection and not being able to play it. I'll get one someday, been taking a look at some threads around here with tips on brands and setups.
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