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What a Great thread!

Come on FF Vinyl Freaks!

What I want to know... is are you folks playing them
with old-school turntables (all analog) or newer USB ones?
When I moved house last year, my Technics turntable got dropped and broke. I was gutted.

Not having a huge amount of money (having just moved), I found the Roadstar TTL-8600 ( - best 50 I've ever spent, the sound from it is absolutely fantastic. It's also sold in the UK as the Bush MTT-1 (but, fortunately, not made by Bush, who are awful), and was in What Hi-Fi as the top rated budget turntable for several years

All analogue too, and has a built in pre-amp
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You can see my music collection here - - It's very much a work in progress, so more stuff will be added as I get round to it! (Needs quite a bit adding now)

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