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Hey everyone, I'm brand new here but have been a huge Foo fan since the early days, in fact when I was a teenager I created an unofficial fan site back before the days of believe it or not.

I use to have an extensive collective of vinyl singles, however I made the mistake of selling them all

My wife bought me a record player and the LP Echos... I also kept my Exhausted LP from my younger days. There are pretty awesome collections out there and I'm looking to try and rebuild mine, perhaps someone out there can point me in the right direction.

I've been perusing eBay and Amazon but they are amazingly high priced.

Looking forward to some feedback! Thank you all. is a great site for everything you're looking for. Singles and what not, but if you're looking for LPs the good news is that recently there have been reprints! From their S/T to INY have all been reprinted and easy to find at reasonable prices.
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