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Well done! I was debating on bidding on this one but I gotta save money.

Yeah I agree the posters are lacking this tour. I mean there are a few I like but the 2015 tour had lots of killer posters. Maybe we were spoiled that year?
I actually think it might be down to the amount of notice most of the artists had to create their work, quite a few people agree now this tour has been a bit hacked together (the EU stint, the UK, then Asia, then US 1, ANZ, US2. Flight theme then pub theme, then coin theme - it's all felt a bit disjointed. Hell they haven't even been able to mint the coins in one size for whatever reason, which is a serious shitter - small coins bouncing around in big cases looks really amateur hour to me.

It would be interesting to know just how much lead time some of the artists actually got.

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