Yeah I understand the Middle School approach. I just posted because I wanted to hear the opposing view. I have very few friends who have listened to the album. But all my friends that have listened to it, despise it. This is a first for me, because most of my friends have different musical tastes and argue bands and such. But unanimously disliking an album, especially a Foo Fighters album, is a first. I guess, I'm just pissed off that they didn't go somewhere else with their creativity. Like, I love the concept for the album (acoustic and seperate rocking cd), but I think that it could have been done a lot better. There are just so many things that are weak (noted earlier).

Don't get me wrong, if Dave and all them love every part of the album, then fine, that's the direction they want to go, but seriously, a poor direction for an accomplished band. I'd expect something more different and challenging.
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