I'm a big Foo Fighters fan. Bigger than most here. I've been following them very closely since TCATS came out.

I like the new album, but I think the acoustic disk is where this album shines. There are some good rock songs (Resolve is my favorite so far, and Best of You and End over End is growing on me with each listen), but I really like Another Round and Cold Day In The Sun. Yes they are simple, but who ever said that a song had to be complicated. I know it's a good song when I find myself singing it in my head while I walk down the street and when I want to (and do) learn it on guitar.

It's kind of hard to explain, but I've always felt that each of Dave's albums has been exactly where I am. When TCATS came out, I was in University and dealing with all sorts of shite, and it really helped me to get through it (I still listen to TCATS from beginning to end when I'm sad and it cheers me up). TINLTL was good for me in a different way. It had a real, "I'm cool with things feel to it", I thought it was really insiteful. I thought that 1X1 fit with me again, "Done done, on to the next one", that's exactly how I felt in my life when that happened.

And now the new album, as well as rocking songs about putting the past behind him ("This is the last song I'll dedicate to you"), he seems to have a very retrospective and calm look at his life in the acoustic disk.

I feel like Dave knows that his journey isn't complete yet, but that he is very comfortable where he is. I mean this is a very busy married man who works on multiple projects at the same time (Foo Fighters, Nirvana (the boxed set that was released last year), The D, QOTSA, Probot, Killing Joke, etc, etc), and is so talented and makes his mark on each and every single one...

That's why I like the new album.

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