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...I just want someone to give me some reasons why this is a good album besides, "This album rocks". I know this argument will never come to a stable conclusion, but I just want to hear why people like it. What floats your boat specifically about this album. I'm very interested to hear it.
damn that's hard for me to explain. i don't always know why i like an album... either i do or i don't. i am not a musician and can't give you much in terms of musical technical jargon (i'm the drunken baboon playing air guitar at the party).

i don't like too many bands to begin with. REM, i could do without. RHCP, i think they suck and could never buy an album by them. i live near jersey, but still i always hated "the boss". coldplay blows donkey dick. offspring and green day lick my ass. i could never get into stuff by any of them.

on the other hand, when i love a band, i will stick with them for the most part. i used to love the stones, but finally got bored with them -- too long between albums and they just aren't as good anymore (and play the same songs w/ big band backup every tour). beatles were great, and even early mccartney, but holy shit is he god awful now. talk about going thru the motions, that applies to the older bands i used to love, like the stones, aerosmith and the who. i laugh when people try to say that about the foos because i can tell they are no where close to going thru the motions.

the point is that if i love the band, and even if they are no where near as good as they used to be, i stick with them. i still buy the stones (looking forward to their new album in august). i still buy paul westerberg. i still buy mike ness (and just saw him play in allentown). i realize that they aren't the same as they used to be, but i am always interested in their new stuff.

still there are bands that i love that to me, have not lost it at all.
soundgarden -- one of my favorites. i love chris cornell, but didn't like his solo album much. when the first audioslave came out, i thought it would suck, but hey, it's chris cornell. he wrote all those incredible songs so something must be worthwhile on it. well i think the first audioslave album is awesome. i'm so glad i didn't give up on chris or i would never had heard it. amazingly i like the newer audioslave album better and see a similar situation to the foos, where so many soundgarden/audioslave fans hate it. i think to myself "what the fuck are they listening to? this shit is incredible!"

now the same w/ the foos. i see a frequent number of old time fans give up on them, but in my opinion, they don't know what they are missing. i think the acoustic side is great - songs like Another Round, What If I Do, Miracle - they are excellent. but i think many die hard fans are missing out too, as they are so focused on this, that they are missing how great the rock side is. the entire album is just incredible, from start to finish. i said in another thread, to me it's one long incredible journey and i can't just listen to one track. i think the songs flat out kick ass! best of you, iyh, free me, deepest blues ... each and every one, they just rock (i know you said you don't want that explanation but sorry, i take the butthead approach).

and lyrically this is easily their best ever! DOA -- "take a good hard look for the very last time, the very last one in a very long line, only takes a second to say goodbye, been a pleasure but the pleasure's been mine all mine" -- i love shit like that, but can't explain why. End Over End -- "burn all the candles out, make a wish but not aloud, relive the here and now .... i'm a revolving door, i've seen it all before, i will begin again but i can't start until i've seen the end ... now that we're old and worn, a little ripped and torn, one day we'll be reborn ..." -- again, fucking great! "The deeper the blues, the more I see black, the sweeter the bruise, the feeling starts coming back, all the deepest blues are black" -- fucking awesome!

that's it. nothing more to add. i love it and think it's great and wish you could experience this like i do. at least you listened many times so i have no problem with you not liking it. my problem is with others that criticize it and you know they've only heard it once or twice.
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