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still there are bands that i love that to me, have not lost it at all.
soundgarden -- one of my favorites. i love chris cornell, but didn't like his solo album much. when the first audioslave came out, i thought it would suck, but hey, it's chris cornell. he wrote all those incredible songs so something must be worthwhile on it. well i think the first audioslave album is awesome. i'm so glad i didn't give up on chris or i would never had heard it. amazingly i like the newer audioslave album better and see a similar situation to the foos, where so many soundgarden/audioslave fans hate it. i think to myself "what the fuck are they listening to? this shit is incredible!"
I brought the Chris Cornell Solo album because of Soundgarden too, and I didn't think it was too bad... I also brought the Scott Weiland solo project when he split from Stone Temple Pilots, now that makes Chris Cornells effort look like a masterpiece. What a god awful piece of shit that was. Scott obviously has talent, but not by himself (I think Velvet revolver is really cool).

But I digress...

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