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So I've read a couple of the posts on this forum and decided to sign up. I believe that I have listened to this album long enough to be familiar with it, and to decide that it is horrible. I've spent the last couple of minutes looking at review sites which basically confirm my thoughts (on the whole at least), but might arrive at my conclusion for different reasons. First of all, I think that the best thing that has come out of Nirvana is the Foo Fighters. I've always enjoyed Dave's creative input in any project or side-project that he has created or aided in some shape or form. But I cannot endorse this album as being great. Sure, you may say that albums such as “One by One” aren't totally artistic and complicated like a Mars Volta or a Dream Theater album, but it still held some form of rock n' roll creativity that kept your head bopping to new sounds.
“In Your Honor” is a great album for Dave's vocal abilities. I was astounded by the progression and definitely appreciate Dave's vocal melodies on this album. That is about the only thing I liked about it. The first song (In Your Honor) was sort of a tease, because I thought it was an awesome opening for an album. It had so much energy building up and the 2nd song (No Way Back) carried that energy over fairly effectively. I really enjoyed Taylor's rhythmetic musings on the end of that song. “Best of You” and “DOA” are alright songs, but after that, I lost interest in the rest of the album. There was definitely a lack of creativity. I was inundated with power chord madness and, at least on the acoustic album, uninventive chord progressions exploited so much that it seemed like Dave thought it they were genius. The only thing was, these rock chord progression octave chord lead riffs played over overdone power chord licks were the show case of the album. Seriously Dave, you were in a band that created a song called Verse Chorus Verse Chorus to make fun of the Pop song formula. Now here you are.
And Taylor, shame on you. I usually enjoy the way you surprise me with kick ass fills and rocking beats. Though, I know you are great drummer and can probably do better, I know that you adjust your chops to fit the music. That's great though, that's what every drummer should do. But instead of doing something creative on the acoustic album, you used all the stuff that people would think would be on an acoustic album. Thanks for not exploring and showing us what you came up with. I'm sure drummers everywhere feel the same way. The rock album is a little better, but come on, I lost count of the times I heard a standard drum fill that went from snare to floor tom.
You definitely turned off a huge fan of your work. The fact that you people write music for a living, something that a lot of people would kill to do, and wrote something as minimalistic and uncreative as this is beyond me. You have all day long to do anything you want (maybe not that accurate, but you know what I mean) and this is what comes out? Either you guys don't care anymore, or you have forgotten what it means to be creative in order to have attention and respect that one deserves. Totally disappointing. I needed to give my two cents, because I have been a fan from before the beginning. Please shape up Foo Fighters!
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