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Well, it's about time I popped my FF Board cherry!! I've been trolling for a few months, and I guess I'll begin with my first post ever here.

I've been collecting Foo Fighters stuff since the beginning. I don't have nearly the collection of some, but I've got a few. Here goes:

Vinyl Albums:
Self Titled: US Release
TCATS: US Release
TNLTL: US Release
One By One: US Release
In Your Honor Box Set: US Release
Echo Silence Patience Grace: US Release
Greatest Hits: US Release
Wasting Light: US Release
Medium Rare: RSD Release

7" Singles:
This Is A Call
I'll Stick Around
Learn To Fly
All My Life (Sessions Release)
Best of You (Promo w/ FFL)
DOA (Yellow Vinyl)
Pretender (Clear Vinyl)
Long Road to Ruin

There was a while where I wasn't as into vinyl as I was CD's, which is why my CD collection is way more extensive. I would love to get my hands on some of the 7's from the TCATS era. Someday...
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