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I don't feel shame posting in here. I've been a fan of this band for many years and enjoyed their music very much, even if a few songs on the last two or three albums to a lesser extent, and its the same with this album but probably a little bit more. I think its great the band have gone with whats natural for them and trying something new musically, and I appreciate the album for that, but it just hasn't had any significant effect on me based on the first experience of listening to previous albums.

Some of the songs are nice, I don't mind mellow music at all, but the 'rock' songs in particular didn't really hit me. I felt like, with the acoustic->rock dynamic of those songs like "Let it Die", "Come Alive", "But Honestly", its like they spent 3/4 of the song emphasising the acoustic melody and building up, then it switches to a louder dynamic, but those songs don't really go anywhere, its just like the song is repeated, and then it goes into a jam/rock out and the song/s end. It feels frustrating because you can see the potential but then somethings missing. Otherwise, the other songs are decent, but for me, PERSONALLY, it doesn't really give me the same excitement as "There is Nothing Left to Lose" for instance, so.. yeah, in closing, I appreciate the album for what it is, but I'll just leave it at that, and keep enjoying the older albums, and look to the future.

Yeah go on, blast away. Whatever.
i crushed this album a few days ago when i first heard it, but now after a few listens i can say that what you wrote is exactly how i feel now. the album is what it is and there are alot of great points, but i am so disapointed because i feel that so many of the songs fall short of what they could be.
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