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it's not very good.

highlights are "Cheer Up, Boys...," "Erase, Replace," and "Stranger Things Have Happened." a nice representation of the current Foo/Dave mindset.

ridiculous lowlights include "Statues," "Home," "Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners" (unfortunate), and "Long Road to Ruin." the first is like a lame Bob Seger tune; the second, a boring trod along a 4th-grade piano chord change; "Miners" would've been alright had it been 1) on the acoustic disc of "IYH" which was, for obvious reasons, not possible, and 2) if it went somewhere other that straight, but the thing repeats itself and never progresses toward anything other than an immediate stop and 10 seconds of planned meddling on the guitar; "Long Road" is an excuse for Taylor and Dave to sing in thirds together live, and goes nowhere.

the rest is pretty middle-of-the-road. to me, it's listenable, but still lacking. i'll probably end up piecing the best tracks together with the best from "In Your Honor" on an iTunes playlist; there are enough songs now to make one, big, good album out of the two.

sonically, it's really good. they clearly did a fantastic job in setting up 606 (i'm assuming most/all of this record was done there, haven't seen otherwise). the drums sound good, as usual, with fantastic room sounds from what i can tell on my monitors. i'm going to give the record another listen today on my roommate's Wharfedales (my FOSTEX PMO.4's have a problem with the lowest low-end).
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