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I've only ever heard it refered to as a beatle before...

He also got a new one on his hand (I think?) when they were in Aus in April. I don't think anyone has managed to find out what it is yet...
well....I kinda was petrified when we "met" him after the show in I didnīt even pay attention or think about that tattoo on his hand (I wanted to know so bad if heīs got a new one though)
But my friend who was with me said she didnīt see any tattoo on his yeah either she just didnīt see it or he donīt have any tattoo on his hand

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btw (sorry to change the subject) does anyone know why dave used to have a rectangle tattooed on his arm??? its been bugging me for ages...
I have no clue!! but would like to know it too..

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