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Wrong. only geraldojpr2009 and foofightershd are mine, btw
My only purpose is share videos by youtube, a lot of people ask me to go on, the most of them doesn't download of dvds by torrents, etc. Anyway, they want to see some videos at youtube (since rare stuff till HD). If you don't like, ignore, it's so easy. Let the people that don't have a lot of shows enjoy the videos.
Ok, foofighterslive is probably Diego then as I originally though.

As I said, I have no problem with the stuff being on youtube. If you weren't uploading them, someone else would be. My problem is that you stretch 4:3 material to 16:9, and you must also do some re-encoding fo stuff to make youtube think it's HD.

As an example:

That comes from a 4:3 standard definition broadcast in 1997, and is sourced from a VHS. So why stretch it to 16:9 and re-encode to a HD resolution? Just upload them in the original format.

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