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Ok, foofighterslive is probably Diego then as I originally though.

As I said, I have no problem with the stuff being on youtube. If you weren't uploading them, someone else would be. My problem is that you stretch 4:3 material to 16:9, and you must also do some re-encoding fo stuff to make youtube think it's HD.

As an example:

That comes from a 4:3 standard definition broadcast in 1997, and is sourced from a VHS. So why stretch it to 16:9 and re-encode to a HD resolution? Just upload them in the original format.
I understand your beef with that, but it doesn't really bug me all that much. Even on my TV, I have the 4:3 channels set to fill the 16:9 space just because the black bars annoy me more than the stretch. I know I am probably in the minority here. Also, I use a netbook as my main computer, so HD video is always a tough just doesn't have the power to do it very well.

Video quality of Youtube be damned...I just love seeing more and more Foo videos!
Have you been headwired?
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