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Are you working this year? And if so, won't you be REALLY pissed if you get Coldplay? Just sayin'

Totally looking forward to Muse as I have never seen them live, and I have only heard great things about their live show. It's been 11 years since I've seen FF on my hometown midwest turf since I moved to Stockholm in 2000. And this year I'm bringing my 8 year old son to Lolla, so it's excitement all around!

Btw, since you've worked there, what is your view on bringing kids? I haven't been there in recent years, so I don't know what the vibe is like anymore. Is it cool for little guys?
I am not working this year due to other work commitments that weekend... At least I know that I won't miss Foo Fighters then instead of it being a coin flip.

Muse is really amazing live... Knowing my luck, it will be the same night as FF! :P Probably not, although I hope I don't have to make a choice between APC and Muse. That would be a tough one. I would have zero problem skipping Eminem.

There are lots and lots of people who bring their kids... There is actually a kids' section during the day that is musically geared for them. A friend brought his 12-year-old to catch Soundgarden last year and he had a blast. I would say you should have no problem bringing your little guy.
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