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Yep, it seems to be the most elusive of them all. I started to "plug holes" in my collection of Japan releases now I got to shag TINLTL mini LP, Echoes... and GH, and I'm complete on the albums. Single-wise I don't see any sense in buying Japan singles at all escept maybe for those three: My Hero (which I already have), Breakout and Times Like These (which I'm currently looking for).
What you're saying about the singles is exactly how I went about it too. It's good sense to concentrate only on the releases that add something you don't have, or are in some way different (art etc). Eventually you will probably do that, and along the way spot the odd one and go yeah that's a good price I will get that one anyway etc.

If you have good will power you'll just stop there. Or like me you just finally give in and admit you wont be happy until you have all the promos and single releases. My final target now is a goal of all the officially released albums, singles and promos that were clearly available in reasonable quantities at one time. Some of the tapes and cdrs are just very rare and if I never get them im not going to be worried.

Probably not until they are all that's missing
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