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Pretty good goal actually. I'm not yet there maybe in couple years I will be, but right now I just want to get my hands on all major singles and as of now I'm only missing Everlong CD2 and Wheels.
I had a no buying phase where I had lots of stuff going on and passed on picking up the EU 2 track of Wheels a number of times at 1 or 2 pounds - now you don't see them at all, and I still dont have it. Worse I missed a buy it now sale lot of Let it Die, Miracle and Summer's End for $9.99 US... I'll get them later I said to myself - whoops - big BIG fuckin whoops !

All the same it's always the same story, a little patience goes a long long way. Especially right now. Lot's of listings, most of them going at silly prices for the stuff most people want. In the "off season" the non collectors get tired of having stuff that's worth money they need for other things - and they all dribble out again at much better prices. A game a lot of us have played many times before
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