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Uhh--he said "all you 40 year olds driving mini vans" and he was talking to me! And it was This Is A Call
He kept throwing out the "old foo fighters fans" line before Breakout in all the UK shows over the summer. When he first said it I got excited like they were going to play I'll Stick Around or maybe Weenie Beenie........

Anyway at Wembley earlier in the year he referred to me as an "old man" because I was at the first UK FF gig. I'm only 31!
Here's a little's called I'll Stick Around

03/06/95 KCLSU 15/11/95 Brixton 28/05/97 Astoria 29/05/97 Astoria 23/11/97 Brixton 25/11/99 Brixton 04/03/00 Scala 24/08/00 Stratford Rex 26/08/02 Astoria 23/11/02 Wembley Arena 24/08/05 Astoria 17/12/05 Earls Court 17/06/06 Hyde Park 18/11/07 02 Arena 06/06/08 Wembley Stadium 23/02/11 Brixton 25/02/11 Wembley Arena 03/07/11 MK Bowl 11/07/2011 Camden Roundhouse 10/09/2014 Brighton Concorde 2 14/09/2014 Invictus Games 06/09/2015 MK Bowl
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