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I still remember the look of terror in Shiflett's eyes after that happened! it went right past his head!
I can't believe I didn't see it... considering I spent most of the night watching him.

I was at the Columbus show, too and even though the setlists were nearly identical, I was so impressed at how fresh everything seemed. Some of the stage banter was the same, but honestly, not most of it. I was with a couple of people, and one kept asking me, "Did he say that in Columbus?" and everytime, it was a "no."

Because I sort of knew what was coming all night, I was so excited with the encore surprises of Wheels and BLACKBIRD! Even though he only played it for about a minute, it was a total highlight for me. Something I'll never forget.

The only minor downside was from where we were sitting, the mix was a little off. For lack of the technical knowledge to explain it, I'll just say that Dave was waaaaay too loud and Shifty all but disappeared at times. To paraphrase "Back & Forth" it wasn't that it was too grungy... it can never be too grungy... but I wonder if they didn't lose some of the... notes.
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