Default NEW: Set your own custom user title

Ok so as per the other thread, I have enabled the ability for all users to set their own custom user title. For those not aware, that is the small piece of text beneath your username, currently a Foo Fighters lyric.

To change the setting, go to edit your profile here and fill in the 'Custom User Title' box. If you do not wish to set a custom title the current, default titles will continue to be displayed and you can reset back to them at any time with the small reset button on that page.

Please be sensible with this, nothing offensive or misleading and follow the simple rules:

1. No disrespecting the band, their friends and families.
2. No pretending to be affiliated with the band, their friends, families or this website.
3. Keep them as politically correct as possible. Use a reasonable person type of mentality and try not to slur a protected class.
4. Nothing offensive/abusive directed towards another member of the board.

If the feature is abused they'll simply go back to preset ones, so play nice!

Can't post? Can't sign in? Email me if you have a technical issue related to the board.

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