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I don't know why now exactly but when I briefly spoke to Barrett about a year ago he told me they had just got back all of the Sonic Highways footage and were planning to go through it all, see how much they shot that wasn't on the official release. It could be that they've now just had the time to go through it and get clearance to upload some of it.

I rather hope it is also a precursor to more Laundry Room releases though!
I hope so too. It can only be done (first) once of course, not like we care either way, but it's definitely interesting that now in 17 he would post a "bit" of the video of the first song reveal. All the clearance stuff you mention noted of course, it makes it either oh I can throw this out coz it's cool, or hehe wait for it... (something poss planned).

Either way I died laughing with both Dave's "I sound like a girl" and Barrett ever so apologetic at having both not named the reel as "Dave", and bundling it in with other "personal" time-capsule-esque nostalgia... "Is that me?- NO it's not " hehe so funny.

I'm sitting going "you kept it!" - if it was on a bad 4tn gen Normal Pos C30 you'd still be a fucking legend

To know how good it sounds and that it at least has some approved release clearance now can only be a good sign - we just sit and wait

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