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Bollocks. Was hoping no one would do the BIN! Damn you! DAMN YOU!!!!

Blurb says no way to tell it was for the new FF has a pic of Dave in it!

Very glad you have decided to carry on collecting despite the LN fiasco.
The photo was a giveaway for sure - I don't even think the seller caught the fact there is no album name even on the final release (except the spine) - point being it's not actually that different and IF you'd had this in your hands say Sept 1st 2017 you'd have pretty immediately known what it was.

When I saw what it meant it was too important to pass up - seller is in the book industry which maybe threw some watchers in thinking it was maybe "created" - but they are a 1998 member with utterly stellar feedback on rare books - so that's just impossible. I've asked for more details- it's obvious to me this was a passing industry "acquisition" but I'd definitely like to know how etc

It may prove to be really really rare - but either way I will scan it and put up links to high def pages.
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