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I still think that book is pretty cool. Shockingly the auction FooZealand won was actually a relist. I watched it last week and almost bid but was skeptical. It ended with zero bids and the same starting price of $50. Reference below
Yeah arguably overpaid - I had a question in with a much lower offer. It went unanswered. I didn't see the original - $50 would have been a pretty great buy. I knew it felt very real and I had no knowledge of the June stuff - only the similar Foo Arms book. Based on a feeling of importance and rarity over sitting waiting I decided based on importance vs what I might pay for a foil it was worth just grabbing.

Either way I still definitely rate it given the Soldier aspect - and there is definitely a story of some kind to be resolved out of it.

Did they (pretty carefully) print it up like that around early June thinking that was the album? Or was it just a very close best guess? Did Planned Parenthood come along between the printer order and the listening party and cause the change, or did they decide it themselves that it just want working and didn't make the cut, then later kinda just "dump" it on PP.

It would be nice to think it was deliberately removed to help PP and Dave's Australian comments seem to me to kinda support that.

More to the point from another angle - does all of it mean there were really ONLY 12 songs in the first place? If so then (CD media non-existence aside) there will be no "B-Sides"... there are seemingly no spare songs left.

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