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My bad.... I wasnít trying to say you overpaid. Haha we both know people could argue to the moon and back that Iíve overpaid for many foo items (especially foils). I was just pointing out that I was shocked that it basically went unnoticed last week and how I was unsure of itís authenticity. Hindsight, I wish I wouldíve bid last week but thatís how it goes. The good news is itís in good hands now
No I didn't take that you were saying that either, it was just my own comment given the price -. But exactly like you I know I've probably paid too much for some things. It's tough to really compare this to anything much - but thinking about tour itinerary books I thought it was maybe too much. But yeah the soldier inclusion probably makes the difference.

I must be getting bad - I knew immediately it was genuine, still can't believe nobody bought it at $50
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