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If you make it over we should meet up say hello
100% if I do go for it.
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I would HIGHLY recommend you renting car from LA or trying to catch a ride with someone. I'd be shocked if you'll find bus service--it's quite in the middle of nowhere. And it would be a pricey Uber ride from LAX, though you might be able to Uber from a nearby hotel. Still, a car rental might be cheaper overall with fewer hassles.

And LAX is the closest airport servicing the London directly. You can look at San Diego if you don't mind hours of driving.
I've only recently started driving so might not be the best idea (just about a years driving by the time next year). There are potentially buses into San Bernardino (Greyhound) which is then not too bad to stay overnight thursday then making it easier and more accessible for the Friday (or Saturday depending).

I'm planning meticulously for both this and a Canadian 'road trip' potentially the month earlier.

On another note, the normal camping pass was $170 + fees this year so if I can find even 3 others it makes it worthwhile.

I really should be this meticulous with the trip I'm trying to organise to visit my brother in Shanghai
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